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Sydney’s most eligible, furry and red-headed bachelor visits the vet

  • Thursday 16th March 2023
  • WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Examining Kofi's Head And Mouth WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

With just over 50 Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos in care around the world, it’s not every day WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s resident Vet, Dr. Michael Cannon gets the opportunity to examine such an important and fine-looking specimen.

Arriving in November 2020 Kofi was the first ever tree kangaroo to call Darling Harbour’s WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo home. The adorable, fluffy, blue-eyed creature has a fond love of boiled eggs and is perfectly adapted for climbing.


Kofi has been involved in a training program to ensure keepers like Renee Howell can ensure regular checks to maintain his excellent health. Through the development of a positive relationship and rapport, Keeper Renee was able to ask Kofi to enter his very own crate on the morning of the scheduled procedure.


Kofi’s enthusiasm for participation in his very own and voluntary training program has enabled the team to hold their first-ever tree kangaroo general anaesthetic procedure as part of their commitment to his ongoing health and care.


Commenting on Kofi’s vet visit Renee Howell, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Keeper, said, ‘’First-time procedures like today’s always come with an element of risk. I am relieved this procedure went well and Kofi has recovered perfectly. Teamwork and good communication between Kofi and I are key to his successful training progression. Through our unique relationship and rapport, I can offer Kofi and the other animals that I care for, the option of choice – which empowers them. Nine times out of ten (laughs), he is eager to get involved in his very own health care, but just like humans, Kofi has his off days too.’’


Once crated, Kofi was given an injection to anaesthetise him. This allowed Dr. Michael to give him a thorough veterinary examination. During the procedure, Dr. Michael Cannon supported by Vet Nurse, Cathleen Diamond performed a physical examination working their way down his body, inspecting his dental health, strong arms, powerful feet, and impressive tail.

A full set of blood samples were taken along with opportunistic X-rays to ensure no underlying conditions were missed. Once results Kofi’s blood test results are back, it is hoped this examination will give the team at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo a great base line to ensure his ongoing health and positive welfare.

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